Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday March 13

Happy Birthday Hensley!

Today we added more information to our ideas about the water cycle and how it relates to weather.  We also created little "helicopter" and compass rose to test wind direction (blowing from the west today-although the girls' hair could have told us too!)- take a look:

Here are thoughts from the kids:

Alex and Matthew are good friends and they help each other in many ways, such as writing a comic book or learning a new game on the iPad.

Layton liked it when Bill Nye shows an experiment- today he created a cloud.

Hensley appreciated Evelyn helping her with her water cycle book.

Cooper liked making and reading the water cycle book.

Kali enjoyed quiet reading time with Hensley.

Parker and Sam used their Choice Time to continue writing their comic book together.

Ezra thought Thomas was kind when he helped build a Widgit creation with him.

Library books and homework due tomorrow!  See you then!

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