Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday September 4

Hi everyone!

Let's catch up on the last few days!

Gabe was the Special person on Wednesday- he told us a great story about learning to do a flip dive into the pool.

Aven was special person on Thursday - he told us a story about visiting Harry Potterland with his family.

Today Zoe was special person.  She told us a story about visiting relatives and going creek walking with them.

Here are some more ideas about today:

"Sophia was so nice when she played with me when I was lonely."  Ana
"I liked playing Track Race to 100 during math " Sam
"I liked playing at recess with Ryan and Lucia because they were very nice." Zoe
"Ia was kind when she played Mancala with me." Natalie
"I was really happy to finish my name art because I didn't think I could finish!" Aiden

Thanks to everyone for visiting during back to school night.  I look forward to more time together as the year continues.
Here is a picture of music from yesterday.  Have a great three day weekend!

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