Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday September 1

Welcome to September!!

Ana was the Special Person today and she told us a wonderful story about jumping into a lake - with her clothes on!!  Funny!

We continue to spend our time learning classroom expectations and routines.  Today we completed a project called "Math About Me"...a little math, a little art...hopefully a lot fun!

Here is what the students said about today:

"Miles gave me an iPad he was using when I asked him to - that was very kind." Liam
"We got five points in music today!! " The class
"During choice time, Freja played Trouble with me even though she does not know how to play because she was being nice." Zoe
"Matilda played with me a lot today and was really nice" Ana
"I liked reading books with Darby during quiet reading" Aiden
"I liked quiet reading time and Number Corner." Grace

Thanks everyone!  See you tomorrow!

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