Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday September 15

Hi everyone!
Today the Special Person was Freyja!  She told us a story about a very fun pool in Bend.  Thanks Freyja!

Everyday there is a new Special Person, until all of the students have had a chance to tell a story.  The rest of the students write a story based upon the theme established by the Special Person, which goes into a book for the Special Person.  We hope that we learn more about how we are the same, even though we are all different.  This is a wonderful way to learn more about each other.

Here are some ideas from the learners today:

"I liked helping the kids find Raz Kids on the iPad." Sam
"It was kind for Sam to use his time to help me use Raz Kids" Liam
"I appreciated my friend Riley helping me when my leg was sore." Ryan
"I liked using the art bucket to create during choice time AND literacy learning time." Grace
"I liked using the art station too." Zoe
"I liked learning more about 3-D shapes when we went upstairs for art." Aven
"It was fun to learn how to draw a cube." Natalie
"I enjoyed having art upstairs and literacy learning time." Ashe

See you tomorrow - remember, 2 hour late opening!

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