Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday May 10

We had a really great day!  Friday is really a "wrap up day".  We finished our independent work during literacy block, we practiced solving money story problems, and we explained our freshwater habitat projects to our classmates.

In fact, Riley's project is a great idea to raise some money to help save Oregon Wetlands.  If you could send a clean milk jug to school that would be great.  Riley and her team want to explain their project to classrooms and put a jug for coin collections in each of our 17 classrooms.  Thanks!

The Fund Run was great!  The students ran their hearts out in 85 degree heat, rockin' to tunes the whole way!  The yummy ice cream treats after the run were greatly appreciated.  Thanks to all the parents who put in so much time and effort into this event!

Have a wonderful weekend, and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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