Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday May 2

Hello Everyone!  Thanks to all who brought glue sticks...very helpful!
Today we played a fun math game to learn more about place value, and we continued our work on personal project about the savanna and prairie grasslands...tomorrow is our display day.  I can't wait to see the final projects!  I'll take lots of pictures.

Thoughts from the students today:

Cole really enjoyed working more on his habitat project.  He also complimented Colin, Seth, and Bailey for playing with him at recess.

Sami appreciated Colin's compliment about his habitat project.

Evan thought it was very friendly when Calvin was a good sport during their game of checkers.

Seth was glad when Peter played a game with him during math- they played 'Target 700', the new game today.

Thanks for the great ideas.
Tomorrow is Friday- please bring homework and library books.  It is also the last day to order books through the book order.  See you tomorrow!

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