Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday May 15

Sorry we did not have a post yesterday!  We are just so busy working on our projects and helping each other that we lose track of time!

Yesterday we learned and shared what we know about the desert habitats of the world.  Today we began our posters and other creations to show what we have learned. 

Today we watched the Portland Play performed by the third graders.  It was great and our class was a wonderful audience.  I think they are excited to think they get to perform it next year!

Tomorrow our class will be hosting a math demonstration lesson for a select group of second grade teachers from all around Portland Public schools.  I am excited to let others see what wonderful mathematicians your children are!  The kids helped me clean up the room, much like we would clean up our houses when company is coming - they show real pride in their classroom space.

Thanks, as always, for all the support from home.  See you tomorrow!

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