Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday May 7

Just a few things today:

First, I have been seeing some amazing at home research being done about the animals you have chosen!  Keep up the reading at home so you have even more ideas to share about your animal.

Next, a big thanks to Sami and his family for sending a creek habitat with a little tadpole for us all to observe in the classroom!  We are working on projects this week that show what we know about freshwater habitats: rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, swamps, and marshes.

Permission slips went home today for our field trip to the zoo on May 24th.  Return as soon as you can.

Finally, there is a new drinking fountain being installed in the hall and it may not be finished tomorrow.  Please send a full water bottle with your child.

That's all for now!  It's pretty toasty here in room 13...I hope you are enjoying the sun where ever you are!

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