Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday May 8

Thanks to those who turned in their permission slips so quickly.  I am looking forward to our last field trip as a class!
Please bring a filled water bottle tomorrow since the fountain is still "off-line".
Today we began working on our projects to show what we have learned about freshwater habitats: rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps, etc...  
I continue to be impressed by the projects your children are "assigning" themselves (with guidance, or course).  Each person finds the idea surrounding ecosystems and habitats that interests them, and then "runs with it!"  I can see the excitement when they talk about their ideas, and I see their growth as learners as they explain their thinking and justify their choice of project to other students.  Learning is joyful!

News and notes from the students:
Colin really enjoyed working together with Evan to create a poster with information about the Nile crocodile and it's habitat.

Evan thought it was really nice when Calvin complimented his habitat poster and also enjoyed working with Colin.

Bailey appreciated that Colin let him join a game at recess.

Seth enjoyed reading and creating a book about Pokemon with Evan during choice time.

Sami was grateful when Evan, Cole, Hayden, and Colin played soccer with him at recess so that he would not feel left out!

See you tomorrow!

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