Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday May 23- Field Trip Tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

Just a few reminders:
Tomorrow the weather looks to be unpredictable, so plan on wearing warm layers and a waterproof jacket.  Good walking shoes are important.  Also, please send a backpack with a lunch and filled water bottle.  We are attending ZooSchool from 11:30-12:10 (which is basically our normal lunch time), so I'm thinking that a little extra snack would be good for the morning.  We will not be visiting the gift shop, so please do not send money with your child.  Thanks!

Don't forget, the amazing Talent Show is tonight!

We had a very busy day again completing independent reading projects, solving each others story problems, learning a new fraction math game, and presenting our wonderful projects that showed how much we have learned about the ocean as a habitat.  Next week...forests!

Student ideas:

Della really enjoyed the new math game.

Peter enjoyed making origami designs during choice time for Lainey and Riley.

Grace and Della worked on an ocean project together, and Grace appreciated it when Della had a good attitude about how to divide the project for taking home.

Colin thought it was very friendly earlier in the week when nobody would work on a ocean project with him, Seth said he would!  They both enjoyed working together this week and the project looked great!

Aoife appreciated how Catalina helped her make an artistic design during choice time.

Please bring homework tomorrow!  Hurray for the zoo!

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