Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday January 9

Hello everyone!
Remember, tomorrow turn in library books and homework
Ideas from the students:
" It was nice when Copper taught Matthew and I how to make paper boats like Curious George." Alex
"It was nice of Roxana to draw pictures for me!" Norah
"I learned alot from the Documentary Moo to You that we watched." Miles & others
"Playing drums during music was great!  "  Sam
"I really enjoyed the book I read during literacy centers about dog breeds." Jasper
"I liked using the iPad." Dah
"I enjoyed showing my poster of the Polydron Family Tree to the class." Layton
"I liked writing because Evalyn helped me with ideas." Hensley
"I liked making the cartoon strip of the dairy farm and how milk gets to the store." Cassidy

See you tomorrow!

Here is a picture Ezra sent from Hawaii!

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