Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday January 30

Today we worked on the idea of foods having more than one food group- for example, pizza.  Then we broke down the foods into their ingredients to find out how many food groups were in each food.  We have a class full of nutritionists!

Here are some thoughts from the students about today:

"I liked playing kickball outside with Drew because he makes me laugh." Alex
"The Jefferson Dancers were nice!" Olivia/Miles and others
"Kali and Lola were nice to me during a game on the playground."Cassidy
"I liked sharing the iPad with Alex because we used the tornado app together and it was really interesting and fun!" Anders
"I enjoyed it when Lola read a book to me." Kali
"I liked reading my book with Alex." Matthew
"I am enjoying reading the Blue Moose because I can see the solution to the question." Miles

Be well!  Happy Chinese New Year!

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