Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday January 16

During math today, the students had to discover the area of a shape using different size units.  They used triangles, rhombus and trapaziods to fill the space and found each one revealed a different answer.
We learned more about bread and the many different kinds made in different parts of the world- as well as our own favorites!

Here are some ideas from today:
"I liked how Kali and Lola played with me at recess." Cassidy
"It was nice when Norah gave me a picture she drew." Evalyn
"I enjoyed drawing with Ryder." Anders
"The video about bread was interesting." Alex
"I enjoyed finishing and publishing my story today." Alex
" It was interesting to find out what other people can do when we made our "how to"list." Layton

Homework and library books tomorrow !  See you then!

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