Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday January 14

Hi everyone!

You may have heard by now that we are studying food and nutrition for the next few weeks.  Yesterday we made peanut butter from peanuts as we learned more about the protein group, which some kids really liked, others thought it was so-so. 

Today we joined with Teacher Julie's class to make and try homemade salsa!  We mixed up the tomatoes, pepper, onion, cilantro, and salt to create a wonderful salsa.  We learned a little more about tomatoes (vegetable or fruit? you decide) and about how important vegetables are for our bodies.  Most of the students gave the salsa a try with some yummy corn chips- what a great snack!

Here are their ideas from our adventures today:

" I liked visiting Julie's room, eating chips, and holding the turtle." Olivia
"Zoe helped me find paper in Julie's room." Norah
"Summer showed me where things were during choice time in Teacher Julie's room." Hensley
"I liked reading a book with Alex and Ryder during quiet reading time." Matthew
"I liked making a poster in Julie's room." Roxana
"Holding the turtle was fun." Lola
"Olivia's sister taught me how to hold the turtle." Cassidy
"It was nice when Cassidy showed me how to hold the turtle." Kali

It was a fun day...tomorrow is our first day of parent led art-  see you tomorrow!

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