Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday September 19

Yesterday, our Special Person was Elisabeth and she told a story about visiting a candy factory and going to a birthday party!

Today our Special Person was Sophie Jane and she told us about a special Christmas in Arizona.

Here are some thoughts from the students about their week:

"I enjoyed learning what words meant in the Pledge of Allegiance." Thomas
"I liked the story of Hero Cat." Emily
"Special Person time is nice." Zach
"I liked using the iPad." Peter & Kaden
"I liked using the computer." Brooke
"The substitute was nice." Audrey
"I liked listening to the Special Person Stories." Kelley
"The hanging name art looks great!" Maddie
"I enjoyed writing." Elisabeth & Sydney
"Quiet reading time is nice." Mia

Last day for book orders this month...Have a great weekend !

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