Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday September 23

Monday, the Special Person was Isabelle and she told a story about celebrating a birthday at Oak's Park.  Today, our Special Person was Emily, and she told a story about competing in a triathalon, where she won first place for her age bracket!  Wow!

If you were wondering, there is not usually a blog post on Monday because I am rushing off to our staff meeting/training most Mondays from 3:15-5:15!

This week, we are beginning a block of time devoted to literacy activities and small group instruction.  Your child will be reading and writing independently about poetry, non-fiction topics, art, and fiction stories.  While your child works, I will call others to work with me in small groups at an appropriate ability level for reading.  These groups are flexible, and will change as needed to help each child reach their full potential in reading.  Thanks to all of the volunteers helping me with this important instructional time.

See you tomorrow...hopefully the rain stop in time for recess...but dress for the weather!

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