Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday, September 26

Can you believe we have reached the last Friday of September?  Today was the 19th day of school!
Our Special Person was ZyZy and he told us a story about a great 4th of July setting off fireworks!

Here are some ideas about this week from the students:
" I enjoy writing special person stories because I enjoy drawing the pictures." Maddie
"I really like the iPads." Kaden
"I like story time everyday." Audrey
"Choice time is awesome because of the art center!" Thomas and Sydney
"Quiet reading is my favorite because my favorite thing to do is read." Mia
"I really liked the new math game, An Hour or Bust!" Emily

The math game is a fun way for students to work on counting by fives around the clock.  Having a face clock in your house is a great way to support this learning at home.

Have a great weekend- see you tomorrow!

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