Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday, September 4 - Welcome to second grade!

Hi everyone!

This has been a busy three days getting to know each other, learning procedures, and catching up with first grade friends.  We have learned where the bathroom is and how to use lockers.  We have reminded ourselves how to sit quietly on the carpet so we can make ideas in our heads from the words of others.  We have relearned math tools and written stories.

We have started a daily time called "Special Person".  During this time, a student is chosen at random, then that student tells us a story about their family.  We write the story together on a large sheet of paper, then we all write a story about a similar experience.  All of the stories are then compiled into a book for the Special Person!  On Wednesday, our Special Person was Thomas (happy birthday!) who told us about visiting Disneyland.  Today, the Special Person was Audrey, who told us about visiting Oak's Park with her family - thanks Audrey!  Keep reading each day to find out who the new Special Person will be.

This blog will be used to give you a glimpse of what your child learns each day at school.  Read it together if you can.  Timely information will be sent to you via email.

You may have noticed that our class size is large; you were not imagining things, we have 29 students this year.  It will be helpful to talk with your child often about how they can remember their best manners at school each day so we have an easier time sharing our space!  Mostly, we all need to
 learn this year how to use small voices, which is no small task!  :)

Thanks for all of the kind words, beautiful flowers, and well-wishes for a wonderful year. 

Check back to see who our Special Person is tomorrow! 

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