Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday September 5

Happy first week of school!

Calvin was our Special Person today and he told us a great story about catching frogs in his grandparents pond!  Wow!

I asked the students today what they wanted to say about the first week of school  Here are their ideas:

"The popcicles were great!" Thomas
"School is a the best thing on Earth!" Peter
" I really liked quiet reading time." Sydney
"It's really nice of Brooke to push in my chair when I forget." Calvin
"I really like choice time!" Emily
"Math time is fun." Elisabeth
"I enjoy writing time." Mia
"ZyZy helped me when I was late." Kaeden
"Making the name art is fun." Brooke
"I like having lockers." Zach
"It was nice when I was reading with Ayana."Maddie
" I really like story time." Audrey

So...there is our week in their words...thanks for all of the support from home, and I hope you enjoy this wonderful weather!

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