Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13

Today we wrapped up our comparative study of eight classic fairy tales.  It was such as treat to watch Peter Pan come to life!  Your children have completed a fairy tale book full of many different projects we worked on to demonstrate our understanding of the stories we studied.

News and Compliments:

"I really liked when Mrs. Robb complimented me when I was getting my table cleaned up. " Sami
"I really enjoyed the Dreidel game." Catalina
"Even though at first Sami didn't know how to play, I appreciated it when he played Dreidels with me because I did not have a partner." Bailey
"I enjoyed the art project!" Zac & Peter & William & Ava & others...
"When I was reading through the Fairy Tale bucket, it was interesting to learn that the Disney princesses come from real fairy tales." Grace
"I enjoyed learning about all of the fairy tales!" Peter

Don't forget, tomorrow library books and homework!  See you then!

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