Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday December 10

Happy Birthday Grace!

This was a nice start to the week.  During math, we worked on the concept of finding the missing number in any place in an equation.  For example:

2 + 8 = 2 + ___ + 6        OR               10 - 3 =  ____ + 4

This concept is built on the understanding that the equals sign means "the same" not "the answer".  Students also need efficient strategies for solving equations to 20.
If you are writing equations for your child to solve for homework, write a few like this, using multiple digits on each side of the equals sign.  Use both addition and subtraction.  This is a nice challenge for most of the students.

News and compliments:

"I liked it when Della and Kora played with me at recess because we don't get to play that often." Grace
"I liked making holiday cards for art today." Calvin
"I liked it when Cole played with me at recess." Sami
"Grace taught me how to play basketball during recess!" Kora

See you tomorrow!

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