Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday December 3

Hi everyone!  It is December, and we have been learning together for 56 school days!

Today we read a story called Amazing Grace about a girl who has a wonderful imagination and never gives up her dreams.  We also learned a new math game to give us practice working with number lines, and created some festive holiday art!

If you are driving on Wednesday, I have either spoken with you personally or sent you an email with details...

News and compliments:

"I enjoyed the holiday art project!" Zac
"When I asked Maddy to read a book with me during quiet reading time, it was very friendly when she said yes." Savannah
"I enjoyed having Ava as a partner when we played a Math Work Place." Sami
"Peter is a good friend because he made me an amazing paper airplane during choice time." Evan

Don't forget, we are having a canned food drive to benefit families in need this season.  Please give if you are able.

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