Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday January 13

Hi Everyone!

You are all amazing!
We have had 16 individual donors and 2/3 of our grant filled!  I am absolutely thrilled and impressed!  Just a final reminder to get the word out: Donor's Choose will match your donation for one more day.  Saturday is the last day!  However, the grant will remain active for donations until May 30th or until the grant is fulfilled, which ever comes first.  I'm crossing my fingers hoping it gets fulfilled long before then!

News and Compliments:
"I would like to compliment the whole class for being very quiet and respectful while they completed their work during literacy time." Mrs. Robb

"Hannah and Aoife were nice when they let me play with them on the playground." Savannah

"Evan helped me with origami at choosing time." Seth

"It was nice when Savannah played with me at recess." Grace

"I enjoyed playing chess with Grace during choice time." Madeline.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy the sun!

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