Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30

Hi everyone!

Please take a look in backpacks for note about trip tomorrow.  It is important for everyone to wear rubber soled tennis shoes, and no jewelry of any kind.  We have a shortened lunch time tomorrow, so if you can send cold lunch, it would give your child more time to eat.  We will leave at 12:00.  The tour begins at 12:30 and goes until 2:00.  Then we will return to school for PE.

Also, please return homework tomorrow because there is no school Friday.

"It was really nice when Catalina played horses with me on the playground because my other friends were busy." Grace
"Today we learn that vegetables give you vitamin A and vitamin A helps your eyesight!" Calvin & Cole
We also practiced being very quiet.  We have all decided that we learn better when others are very quiet.  We will continue to help each other be quiet so that others can learn.

*on a personal note:  thank you to all for being understanding these past few weeks.  I was very ill last week, then my little boy was sick, then his caregiver was sick this week.  I had to be out of the classroom taking care of myself and my little guy.  Hopefully we all have "kicked" this illness and will not need to be gone for a while.  I appreciate the support!

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