Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15

Hi everyone!

Today we talked about bread. I asked the following questions:  Who makes bread?  Who eats bread?  How do people make bread?  Where do people make bread?  Why do people make and eat bread in most places around the world?  Then the students looked in books to answer these questions.

One of my goals for your child this year is to have evidence of this kind of deep thinking and questioning and answering.  If a learner fully understands a concept, they can answer, and pose, these questions.  As you read books and discover new ideas, experiences, and places with your child, talk about the who, what, when, where, why and how.  This will increase their overall language and understanding of the world.

Franz Bakery:
We will be headed to Franz Bakery on January 31st.  Your child brought home a permission slip today.  Please return it to me no later than January 25th so we have time to organize transportation.  Thank you!

News and Compliments from the students:
" It was nice when Kora played a math game with me when I had no partner." Katie
"I enjoyed making a paper boat during choice time using the instructions I found in Curious George Rides a Bike." Peter
"I like sorting blocks by attributes during math." Zac
"Aoife worked on 'Kids in the House' math with me." Grace
"Grace shared a book with me during quiet reading.  We took turns reading and it was nice." Savannah

Late opening tomorrow.  See you at 10:45!

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