Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday January 28

Hi everyone!

Here are some news and compliments from the kids:
"When I asked Della and Grace to play at recess they said yes!" Aoife
"I really liked art project we did in the art room with Aoife and Sami's moms!" Zac (and many others)
"I thought is was cool that the flag of Peru was on the the way, it is more than 1/2 red." Catalina
" I enjoyed hearing the story "How My Parents Learned to eat!" Seth and Grace

So...lately we seem to have much trouble with kids chatting all of the time.  If you have time, please talk to your child about what their job is at school.  We have done much work in the classroom talking about how our job is to learn, and also not to stop others from learning.  When we talk during work time, we stop ourselves from learning and others from learning.  I appreciate this "back-up" at home.

See you tomorrow!

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