Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10

Hi everyone!

Big compliment to the class.  The guest teacher said they all did a great job!  Way to go!

News & Compliments:
"Peter taught me how to make a paper box and read a book with me during quiet reading." Sami
"I liked drawing the snowman glyph."- William, Ava, Cole
"Evan taught me how to make origami animals! Seth
"Evan helped me make and origami bunny." Savannah
"I enjoyed making the origami bunnies!" Peter

Just in case you thought that all we did was make origami, we actually had a very full day academically.  In the morning, we spent time reading and writing independently, we discussed the features of "How-to" books, we did a Reader's Theater to introduce us to the 5 food groups.   For math, we "Scouted Out" equations that can help us solve other equations- for example, if you know 5+5=10, then 5 + 6 should be easy to solve.  We use what we know in math to solve the unknown!

Tomorrow please bring homework and library books!  See you then!

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