Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11

Hi everyone!  Thanks to all of the parents who volunteered in the art room today!  We had a great time finishing our self portraits.

There is a Book Fair in the second gym after school all this week.

Here are complements from today:
"Savannah was really thinking hard about math today during Number Corner." Mrs. Tracy
"Savannah and Aoife were really nice and polite at recess." Madeline
"Calvin and Colin were really nice when they let me join their game at recess." Seth
"I really enjoyed learning the new math game. "25¢ or Bust"." Grace and others!
"It was really nice when Seth played "25¢ or Bust with me." Colin
"Hayden showed that he really cared about his classmates during math when he problem solved about how he could help the other kids think about being quieter during math." Mrs. Robb
"It was really nice when Colin played "Jump a Ten" with me." Sami

Homework went home today.  See you tomorrow!

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