Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14- Please read!

Hi everyone,
I was thinking recently about how much your children are growing a maturing as learners and as individuals.  Specifically, I've noticed that the students want the independence of having their own supplies in their own desk.  Managing supplies and materials is an important part of growing up, and I want to honor this stage in their lives.

We had a class discussion, and the students agreed that yes, they would like to manage their own supplies. They also pointed out that having less buckets on the table would give us more space to work.

We discussed keeping a small pencil bag in their desk with the following supplies in it:

1.  pencil (there are plenty of pencils here, but you can bring a fancy one if you want)
2. small hand pencil sharpener (we have an electric here, but feel free to bring one)
3.  glue stick (I have some here, but I am running low, so if you child wants a new one, and can donate the rest to the class, that would be wonderful)
4. A big eraser ( not needed, but nice for big erasing)
5. scissors (there are plenty here, so please don't go out and buy a new pair if you don't want to)
6. crayons ( your children are wonderful artists, and we are going through crayons like crazy!  I would suggest Crayola Twistables- they have beautiful colors, they do not get dull and one pack should last the rest of the year, but any pack of crayons would do!)

I do not want to cause any stress over this idea, but I want to honor the children and their wishes.  I have some money left in our class fund to purchase some items, but would be very grateful if students could bring these few things.  Most of these items can often be found at home.  Please do not feel as if your family has to go an buy all new things at this time.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful day.  Remember, bring homework and library books tomorrow!

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