Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 7

Hi everyone!  Please remember:  Book orders are due tomorrow!  Also homework and library.
We had another fun busy day.  We were so glad for the sun! 
Here are some ideas we had:

"It was nice when Evan played the new math game 'Jump a Ten' with me" Seth
"I enjoyed playing 'Jump a Ten' with Seth because he was a good sport when I won," Evan
"It was really nice to play the new math game with Della because she plays by the rules and she is a good sport." Grace
"I enjoyed playing a math game with Hannah." Aoife
"Della shared a book with be during quiet reading." Savannah
"I enjoyed playing 'Caterpillar Fill and Add' with Colin" Cole

"Really enjoyed making paper helicopters to test wind direction!" Ava...and many others!  We also created a compass rose to understand wind direction.
Here are some pictures of our wind direction experiment. 

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