Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 20

We had another busy day, even with the late opening.  In math, we are learning different ways to show our understanding of addition and subtraction with double digit numbers.  We are learning the traditional algorithm:
We are also learning the flexibility of the open number line:

 We want to give young mathematicians many ways to express their understanding of addition and subtraction, but also teach them the most efficient ways to show their understanding.  Mrs. Tracy is doing an excellent job leading the students through this process.

Here are some compliments from the class today:

"I liked when Catalina said yes when I asked her to play a math game." Katie
"I had nobody to play a math game until Kora said yes!" Riley
"Evan shared a Pokemon drawing book so we could both draw during choice time." Seth
"I liked it when Hannah asked me to play Race to 100 during math time." Lainey
"Seth complimented my drawing and Sami played a math game with was nice for him to ask!" Evan
"I liked it when Della played a math game with me." Grace
"I enjoyed playing a math game with Ava- Base Ten Triple Spin!" William

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