Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6

We have a new student teacher in the classroom!  Mrs. Tracy has joined us from now until the end of April.  She is an experienced art teacher and is working on her Master's degree at University of Portland.

We had a great presentation from On-Point Credit Union.  We learned about money, spending, and saving, and even got our own little piggy!

News and compliments from the kids:

"Aoife jumped in and helped another student when someone needed help with an idea." Mrs. Robb
"I liked the On-Point presentation" Hanna and many others
"At recess Della shared her umbrella during recess." Grace
"Sami helped me get a good idea for writing" Riley
"Colin said thank you when I gave him some ideas about guinea pigs." Bailey
"Madeline played Caterpillar Fill and Add with me" Savannah
"I like my new piggy bank!" Madeline and lots of others
"Catalina said yes when I asked her to play a math game." Katie
"I really enjoyed the book 'How much is a Million." Evan

See you all tomorrow!

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