Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19

We had a busy day...we were learning more about clouds and the four main classifications of clouds. 

Here are news and compliments from the students:

"It was so nice when Evan shared his iPad with me." Cole
"Savannah and Aofie let me play Handfuls of Treasure with them." Grace
"Cole was very cooperative when we worked together on the iPad." Evan
"Evan complimented my basketball skills." Sami
"I enjoyed playing More or Less during math with Zac." Peter
"I really liked the song that explained fractions!" Kora
"Hayden was nice when he lost the game- he was a good sport." Della
"William was a great math partner today.  He always is fair when he plays." Bailey
"Zac and Peter read together with me during quiet reading." Riley

Have a great day!

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