Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 13, Thursday

Hi everyone!

Today we worked hard, beginning our day with reading and writing and thinking work from both fiction and non-fiction books. 
After a great music class, we continued "shopping" for and solving each others' story problems. 
After lunch we had choice quiet reading and writing our "How To" books. 
We ended the day talking about a time we were sick followed by information about how our bodies fight germs and how germs are spread.  (then we wiped down our tables again!)

I have asked the students to please store their Valentines and treats in their lockers until it is time to pass them out.  Thanks!

Here are some ideas from the students today:

"I learned about germs by watching the Bill Nye Science Guy video." Alex & others
"I was able to start publishing a new "How To" book during writing today." Matthew
"I enjoyed getting to read Widget and the Puppy with Cooper during quiet reading time." Norah
"I liked writing because I have finished publishing my 'How to Play Pokemon' book." Jasper

It's been a few weeks since we have had library, so PLEASE RETURN BOOKS tomorrow...and homework!
See you then!

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