Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday February 27

Hi everyone!

Remember, tomorrow we will celebrate Dr. Suess with a read-a-thon!
There is also a preview of the art auction pieces!

Here are some ideas about today:
"I enjoyed helping Matthew design the Widgit tower." Alex
"Lauren helped me make my atmosphere book." Norah
"Ryder put the iPad away for me when I was running out of time to clean up- that was very kind." Layton
"It was nice of Hensley to be partners with me during math." Evalyn
"Alex helped me figure out iPad physics." Miles
"Bill Nye the Science Guy video helped give me more ideas about our atmosphere." Anders & others
"Playing Jump a Ten with Ezra was fun because he plays fair." Jasper
"I enjoyed playing Jump a Ten with Alex." Matthew

See you tomorrow!

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