Monday, February 24, 2014

Mondat February 24 - The 100th day of school

There might be some debate about this day, but I went through the calendar and subtracted the snow days to reveal the 100th DAY of school!

We began the day with a Hershey Kisses Scavenger Hunt.  The students looked for them all around the room and on the bottom of each kiss, there was a number that matched a number on a 100's chart.  The students found, then ordered the numbers.  Then, we solved the problem of how many Kisses did each student receive if there were 23 students in the room (turns out, 4 each).

The writers were also challenged to write 100 words today!  Those word lists are on their lockers...

During math, we matched two addends to make 100 and wrote 100's equations.  Then we built creations using 100 pieces of a math tool (such as blocks or cubes). I took some pictures, but my iPhone is being glitchy with iPhoto, so they will have to wait!  Sorry...I'll post them if they import!

We have spent 6 weeks learning about food, germs, dental health- about being HEALTHY!
Today the students compiled this work into portfolios- be on the lookout for your child's classroom work.

see you tomorrow!

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