Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday February 25

Today we launched into a science discovery about weather!  If anyone knows a meteorologist or has weather books or measuring tools, we would love to borrow them so we can learn more about weather- thank you!

here are some ideas about today...
"Building Wigit creations with Matthew was fun because he is a good partner." Alex
"It was nice of Kali and Dah to draw a picture for me." Evelyn
" I liked being able to help Miles on the iPad." Matthew (thanks for helping each other!)
"It was nice of Ezra when he invited me to play a math game with him during math." Jasper
"We looked at weather books and heard others ideas about weather today." Matthew (and others)


Here are some pictures from yesterday of our 100's Day creations...these designs used 100 objects

See you tomorrow!

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