Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday February 12

Hi everyone!

We had a fun busy day and the students had lots to say about the day!

" I enjoyed playing outside with Kali, Ryder, Matthew, and Sophia- we made up a great game!" Alex
"I enjoyed drawing animals during art and finishing my sloppy copy of my How To book." Cooper
"I liked writing because I am almost done publishing my How To book." Jasper
"Cooper made me something nice today!" Norah
" Art was fun today!" Hensley
"Sophia helped me finish my valentine project." Kali
"I learned more making a rocket on the iPad physics game."  Matthew
"Miles shared the iPad with me!" Layton
"It was nice when Kali gave me a bracelet."  Cassidy
"Shopping for story problems (that we created) was really fun! " Beckett and the whole class
"I was really fun to share an iPad with Beckett!" Anders

I'm glad we all had a fun day- special thanks to Evalyn and Hensley for being extra teacher helpers today!
Thank you also to the parents who gave their time today for art class.
See you tomorrow!

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