Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday February 20

Hello everyone!

Today we learned a new math game, read some new books, and learned more about the structure of teeth and the importance of keeping them clean and healthy.

Here are some ideas about today:

"It was very kind when Lola cheered me up when I fell down on the playground." Cassidy
"Lola was friendly when she helped me tie my shoe." Norah
"We really enjoyed seeing real teeth and learning from 'The Legend of the Tooth Kingdom." Alex, Roxana, Miles, Cooper, and others.
"The art auction piece is amazing!" Jasper
"It was nice when I played with Sophia at recess." Kali
"I appreciated Alex sharing the iPad with me today." Matthew
"Looking at the roots of the teeth was cool!" Lola
"I'm glad I was able to share my Minecraft book with Alex." Drew

Please stop by the room in the morning! Don has brought the art auction piece into the room and it is stunning!  Remember, if you donate $15-$20 towards the materials, that would be great.  Let the bidding begin!  :)

Please bring library books and homework tomorrow!  See you then!

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