Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday November 26

Happy Birthday Zac!

Today we were very busy.  We read and discussed the book "Animals in Winter"and learned a new poem about Thanksgiving.  During writing, we talked about using time words to connect our sentences.  We also completed an art project inspired by a paper collage called "Beasts of the Sea" by Henri Matisse.  We learned a new game during math called "Shake, Reach, and Record".

News:  We will not have a class book order in December due to the shortness of the month and the current school book fair this week. 
Also...if there is a volunteer who can help for a few minutes tomorrow...I need to get the artwork the students completed today hung up in the hall!  Shouldn't take more than 20 minutes...if you are dropping off your child in the morning and can hang around to help, great!

Compliments and News:
" I really enjoyed art because I like creating." Riley
"I liked the art project because I got to fold paper shapes." Sami
"I liked when Della played with me at recess because we both stopped what we were doing to play with each other." Grace

See you tomorrow! 

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