Thursday, November 1, 2012

The day after...November 1

The kids were actually pretty good today given the festivities of Halloween. No sugar crashes that I noticed!

What we did today and compliments:

"William helped me fix my ant project." Aoife
"I enjoyed making the ant books about how ants communicate."Colin, Peter, Della, and others.
"I enjoyed playing a math game with Della."William
"Sami played Hour or Bust with me" Hannah
" I enjoyed the ant story problems." Ava
"Hannah read with me during quiet reading." Della
"I really liked quiet reading because I read a Harry Potter book." Grace
"When I had a hard time figuring out a story problem, Mrs. Robb helped me!" Seth
"Aoife and Madeline were good friends today." Savannah

Homework tomorrow!  See you then!

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