Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8

Hi Everyone!  Here are some news and compliments from today!

"I liked working in my Number Corner book during math." Grace

"I liked making the ant book about what ants do at different times of the year." Sami

All of the students enjoyed watching the actual footage of ants defeating a spider and crab. We also watched how ants make an ant bridge with their own bodies and an ant raft to float the colony to dry land when their nest floods.  Wow!  Amazing ANTS!

"I liked scrubbing tables at the end of the day." Zac
(I love how fresh and clean the room is! Mrs. Robb)

"I enjoyed the read aloud about stepping back into time and finding out how the first Thanksgiving was celebrated." Aoife

"It was nice when Peter gave me a paper owl." Seth

Teachers will be working hard tomorrow to prepare for conferences.  I hope you all enjoy some quality family time this long weekend.  See you TUESDAY!  :)

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