Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19

Happy Birthday Della!

Just in case you have not heard the news...an anonymous donor gave enough to complete our grant through Donor's Choose...so we will be receiving 4 iPads!  Yeah!!!  I don not know when they will arrive (takes a bit for paperwork to clear and orders to be made). However, I am very proud of all of the parents, family friends and student piggy banks that made this possible...you are amazing!

Here is sampling of what happened at school today:

"It was nice when Grace said I could join her creating with Widgets during choice time." Colin
"We was nice to share a book with Madeline during quiet reading time." Savannah
"I enjoyed making a paper box during choosing time." Peter
"We really liked playing with each other at recess!" Aoife & Hannah
"Evan and Cole gave me a good idea of what to draw during choice time." Sami
"Cole and I had a discussion about a math idea, and when I was right, Cole was really nice and mature about it." Bailey
"I enjoyed learning about what kids in other countries do when their baby teeth fall out." Grace & others... (we read the book Throw Your Tooth on the Roof)

It was a busy day...remember, 2 hour late opening tomorrow!  We will get started right away with literacy centers when the students arrive.  Enjoy this sunny afternoon!  :)

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