Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 26


I hope your child had a chance to show you their final portfolio of their nutrition work.  We are beginning our study of weather!  We started today by sharing our stories about how weather has impacted us.  (Ask the kids about my wet tent!)
Then we looked through books about weather and shared a page we thought was interesting.  Here are some pictures...

When we take the time to hear each others stories and ideas, we grow as learners.

Student thoughts from today:
"Peter made me a very nice paper airplane today." Seth
"I liked using the base ten pieces during math." Teddy
"It was nice when Savannah asked me to play Caterpillar Fill & Add during math." Aoife
"I enjoyed playing Caterpillar Fill & Add with Evan during math." Sami

See you tomorrow!

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