Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21- Some items to make note of...

News & Dates:

Please bring a small stuffed animal on Monday February 25 for art. 
Friday, March 1st is Read Across America day in honor of Dr. Suess' birthday on March 2.  We will be having a time in the afternoon reading and completing activities on March 1.  I thought it might be fun if:
1. We all wore "crazy" hats like the Cat in the Hat
2. If students could bring in a few of their own Dr. Suess books to share that day so we have many titles to choose from.  You could bring as many or as few as you wish (said the fish on the dish).
I have quite a few, but more would be more fun!  If you do bring books, make sure they have your family name in them.

Wearing hats and bringing books from home are completely optional...I am just suggesting them to add to the fun! 

Please bring homework and library books tomorrow....

News from the students:

"Evan complemented my drawing." Seth
"I really liked creating story problems." Sami
"Catalina read with me during quiet reading." Savannah
"When I fell on the playground, Madeline and Savannah helped me." Riley
"I liked making the spinner that told us the different teeth and what they are used for." Aoife & Kora
(incisors, canines, premolars, molars)
"We all enjoyed watching 'Open wide, Tooth School Inside'. It was a fun way to learn facts about our teeth."

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