Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday February 25

Hi everyone!  We had a busy day is what the students want to tell you...

" I liked the 3-2-1 Action art with Kari today." Aoife and many others...
"I liked writing my own story problem." Sami
"I liked seeing other people's stuffed animals!" Evan ( I's fun to see what other people like!)
"I really enjoyed finishing up our nutrition unit by designing my own portfolio." Grace, Calvin, Teddy, Ava, and others...
"I forgot my coat at recess, and when it started to hail, Riley shared her coat with me." Savannah

Just so you know..everyone thought the quick hail shower at the end of lunch recess was pretty cool! 

"I enjoyed reading with Riley during quiet reading." Peter
"I forgot my stuffed animal to draw during art, but it was ok because Lainey shared hers with me." Kora

It was a busy day of learning!  See you tomorrow!

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