Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday February 4 - LOTS OF NEWS

Hi everyone!  Here are some ideas about today:
"I liked making animal prints during art!" Riley, Ave, Grace
"We created quilt blocks and looked at lines of symmetry during math." Sami
"I like the new Calendar pattern this month." Catalina

1.  Book orders went home today.  The orders are due in no later than Friday, February 4th.

2.  Please check email for information regarding our class art project for the auction.  Each student needs to bring a digital camera with a memory stick labeled with your child's name on WEDNESDAY.  Thank you to Alphonse for coordinating this project.

3.  Donor's Choose- The iPad grant is still active.  Although you cannot double your donation, the grant is still accepting donations.  Every little bit helps, and $20 here and there can add up fast.  If you are able, please continue to spread the word to your wide range of family and friends who support education.  Everyone who has donated has been so generous, but we need to keep spreading the word.  Thanks again for all the support!

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