Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 27

Students had many ideas today:

"I enjoyed solving other kids' story problems." Sami, Kora, and others
"I appreciated that Calvin made me a plane." Evan
"I enjoyed playing with Lainey at recess." Grace
"Hannah told me that my drawing was nice." Seth
"I enjoyed working on 'No More Than 80' during math.  I counted up my shapes and had exactly 80!" Peter
"Thanks Calvin for sharing a book with me during quiet reading." Teddy
"Della said my story problem was good." Savannah
"It was nice at recess when Katie played with me." Riley

Today we learn about the atmosphere and why it is important and how air has space and weight.  There is air pressing on all of us!  When air pressure changes, so does the weather...

See you tomorrow!

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