Friday, February 22, 2013

February 22

We had a very busy day!  We started with a 100's day scavenger hunt.  We looked for numbered Hershey Kisses scattered around the room, then placed them onto the correct spot on a 100's board.  After our literacy time, we tried to write 100 words each...and we did!  Then we learned more about the structures of teeth, how cavities form, and how to prevent them.  We even looked at some of my rotten wisdom teeth (pulled of course).  Hopefully this object lesson will help everyone understand the importance of brushing every day!

We had inside lunch recess due to rain.  Then we heard a nice story about 100's day and figured out how many Hershey kisses we could have with 24 kids and 100 pieces of candy...the answer was 4 each.  After that, we made creations with 100 objects from various math materials.  When that was cleaned up, we joined the other second graders in the cafeteria for our November, December, January, and February birthdays celebration.  We had a little snack, sang 'Happy Birthday' and enjoyed the company of friends.  We finished the day with library and choice time...whew!

Remember, bring a small stuffed animal on Monday for art.

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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