Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 28 Please Read!!!

Welcome to the last day of February.  This has been a really busy, fun month! 

TOMORROW:  We will be celebrating Dr. Suess after lunch!  Thanks to all who can bring a few books.  Students can also bring a fun hat!  Also, they can bring a small pillow or blankie- as long as it is small enough to fit in a shopping bag AND you approve!  :) 

Also, please bring library books and homework!

We have finished our study of geometry and are now beginning to work on adding larger numbers and counting/adding money.
We have wrapped up our unit study of food/nutrition/dental health and are beginning to study concepts surrounding weather.  I hope you have all noticed how much reading and writing occurs during our concept study time as evidenced by the wonderful books and portfolios that your child has brought home this year.  We cover many reading, writing and spelling skills as we write about science.

Today we worked on an experiment involving air pressure and the strength of air.  Here is the experiment- there is an "at home" challenge to try! 

The students had a great time giving this a try at school...let me know if you try it at home!  Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!

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